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How to stay positive during winter season

As winters are approaching so I thought to write something on this only. we all know as a fact that winter season is beautiful season but also comes with sadness and negativity, as a matter of fact people especially in extremely cold countries suffer from depression and seasonal affective disorder which is basically a type of depression. They get cut off from their friends and family. Many people say whenever they get struck in their home they start to feel lonely and depressed.

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In fact people start to get anxiety attacks and panic ones as well. people try all the means to get out of depression and anxiety. The more they live alone in their homes the more introverted they get .Even in some countries like Russia and Canada winters and snow get on their peak roads get blocked due to the snowfall which sometimes measured as high as 3 feet. the temperature of these countries get as low as -30 degrees Celsius[ according to India’s temperate scale. it becomes normal for people to start feeling low. but they say na there is a solution to every problem.

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there are many times when we can help those people who really need counselling not only in studies but in many other aspects of life. if we can help dont hesitate to . because at one point of our life we will need help as well😊.

positivity and winters

as we all know guys we get happy only when we start doing those things which we like or love there are some tips and activities that can or will help you stay positive my friends.

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  • start doing yoga and medication as I always say guys yoga is a magical form of art it gives you motivation to stay happy even in difficult situations and winter season and it it is the biggest remedy to get rid of any problems especially mental health issues.
  • start living with your family sometimes we get happiness from our family members that we usually try to find in our friends circle. Share everything with them as it will help your heart stay normal as compared to heavy. be expressive don’t suppress your feeling as you will not be able to suppress them anymore and explode on your family one day. it can hurt your family’s feelings as well.
  • start getting inspiration from people around you sometimes getting inspiration from people around you can make you happy. even the smallest gestures of people who thank god for having everything in their lives can also make you thankful to for having everything in your life as wEll
  • read motivational books: reading books is one of the biggest remedy for your brain as it enhance the creativity level of your brain you learn new things sometimes reading a book can motivate you enough to start helping others

we don’t need reasons to stay happy we can handle ourselves even in winters as winters are usually depressing. I don’t believe it is. I personally get inspired even from a child who works in very cold days this is called determination of doing hard work no matter what season it is. I always thank those people who come to work regularly and help us in every possible way. observation yoga and getting inspired are the keys to stay positive especially in winters and with this i would to finish my blog.

thank you so much sparing precious time to read my blogs. stay positive and help those people who want your help. even a small kind gesture can change someone’s thinking and sometimes lives’ as well. I will meet you in another blog and with interesting topic till then stay healthy and safe

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yours sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ€—

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College student, writer by passion and pianist by hobby a jolly person.I'm on Instagram as @shimonachaturvedi. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

12 thoughts on “How to stay positive during winter season

  1. Very inspiring and motivational words. I love the escape of reading and though I don’t do yoga, I do always feel better with any form of excercise. Your post is timely also because our country is again shutting down due to covid. I like your suggestions and I thank you for liking and following my blog and for sharing yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the recent like. Loved this line “even a small kind gesture can change someone’s thinking and sometimes lives’ as well”. We all need to be reminded of this.


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