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Passion, focus and life!

hey guys, how are you all hope everyone is doing good.😊 I am back after a very long time. its just I needed a break. but now I am back so lets talk about passion, focus and life

as we all know that every person on earth has dreams which sometimes he achieves he does not or he cant it happens to all of us but at the different time of our life!

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we all change our dreams as we grow but there should be one particular topic or passion that should stay in our top most priority list. sometimes we realize it at a very early age sometimes it can take as long as 10 years this is my personal experience it took me ten whole years to realize that I can be a blogger one day. But dreaming of something is something else but making it a passion is another and more important thing. when we achieve our dream we instantly realize that it was our passion and that is why we worked so hard to achieve that particular thing. its not easy for anyone not even for celebrities’ to achieve those things which they want to without hard work.

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we just need to focus on that particular thing which we have dreamed of achieving it.

there are many ways of getting inspired and focus on the subjects topics or anything we want to do

  • take inspiration from people working successfully around you and get to know about their struggling stories behind their success .
  • focus on those things which you love and you will find yourself developing passion towards those things, subjects or anything you look up to.
  • always remember to like love focus and develop passion mainly focus on music first because it helps you get inspired by singers because their hard work cant be matched with someone else’
  • to stay focused always stay positive keep getting inspired by everyone do whatever you want to do which can make you stay focused.
  • stay away from stressful negative environment as much as possible
  • make sure to stay healthy eat balanced diet and practice yoga for at least 30 minutes a day if you do practice do meditation as much as possible as it helps you stay positive especially focused.
  • always trust yourself never say anything negative about yourself never give up and always remember there will be people around who will envy of your success
  • they will always demotivate you but always stay motivated. even if its very small thing or a young person than you gives you motivation take it with wearing a smile on your face even kids can give you inspiration.
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trust me guys, if you have passion about anything and you have focus you can achieve it

passion focus and hard work are the secrets of every successful person on this planet.

stay focused, positive and trust yourself and you will pass the mission of becoming singer or anything you want to.

Since its my second anniversary with WordPress I thought why not motivate other my blogger friends and this blog is motivating for me as well so that’s it for today. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

see you with another motivating blogs 😊😊!


Shimona Chaturvedi

Published by shimonachaturvedi

College student, writer by passion and pianist by hobby a jolly person.I'm on Instagram as @shimonachaturvedi. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

12 thoughts on “Passion, focus and life!

  1. Is there any Christian here…? I was just thinking are passion and focus that Chris gave us is to love our neighbors. and each time they keep breaking the love. Can dream really come through with a broken heart in this life ??


  2. When we find our passion, it’s up to us to engage with it, to fuel that fire, and to build upon the base laid out before us. Then we will truly achieve what we are capable of – and more!

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