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happy Holi to all my lovely bloggers friends😊😊😊😊

may this festival of colors fulfill your all the wishes may god bless you with bright and colorful future and let you shine like the sun and fill your life with happiness may this Holi vanish away all your sorrows especially this virus which is killing thousands of people all over the world in a single day. may go bless you with lots of happiness , love , good health and lots of wealth . may this festival become the blessing to all of us by vanishing covid 19 from everywhere this year.

happy Holi 😊😊 to all


Shimona Chaturvedi

Published by shimonachaturvedi

College student, writer by passion and pianist by hobby a jolly person.I'm on Instagram as @shimonachaturvedi. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

79 thoughts on “happy Holi to all my lovely bloggers friends😊😊😊😊

      1. I want to make a request please? By the end of this holli I want to Know the difference between this holli and the others. They will be different when you pray & meditation at your own private time

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      2. Holi is done dear its just a two day festival they are different because we make it last year I didn’t do anything in the name of medication but this year I medicated and chant my god’s name three times it is said that if you chant 3 times your god’s name the one you believe in most you will start feeling more positive than ever😊 so this is what I did this Holi

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      3. Wow that’s awesome you know positive vibes always attract good things, I’m just hoping for the best for you. I believe in God the almight how the name of your own god


      1. I really want to know more about your God. Celebrating good is the Best thing that can ever happen to anyone. But am not comfortable with this WordPress shimona. There are so many things behind the spirit of good and truth and lots more I will us to discuss about?

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      2. Talking about god is Spirit and spirituality in is a personal thing to deal with that’s because it has to do with painful sacrifices and lots more… As a result of experience… I believe it’s only available to those who seek them….

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      3. Shimona chanting of God’s I know are more than just the positive feeling. How about the request you made during the chanting and your result you get from your god


    1. dear its a festival of colors people put colors on each others face . basically this festival marks the victory of good over evil this festival is basically a three day festival it is celebrated on the day of full moon which is Holi Purnima it has been celebrated since ancient times . we give sweets put colors on each other and there is one complete story behind it you can read it as well you will get to know better about Holi.😊😊

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