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I wish all of my bloggers friends a month of saawan πŸ˜Š

hey every one i am back with a blog which is very close to me i know almost all of you must be confused about the title and what does saawan means. but i will explain why am i wishing you the month of saawan. as you guys have an idea i hope by my name i am a hindu girl and this month is very specially and pure for devotes of lord Shiva like me if you guys dont know how does lord Shiva looks like i will post a photo of him below

he iS lord Shiva

this month has started from today and the date is 24th July and it will end on 22th august on the festival of Raksha Bandhan and i will tell about Raksha Bandhan sometime later. let me tell you what is the importance of this month first of all you must know whosoever is Indian or have the knowledge of Hindu calendar we have a separate Hindu calendar its the fifth month of this calendar in which this month falls in . now I can tell you the importance of this month

  • it is said if someone wishes for something but not selfishly shiv ji will answer his prayers but you have to be pure while wishing your prayers [ji is the Hindi word used to give respect especially to the gods]
  • Monday is his day regardless of the month what ever month is going on. On Monday he is worshipped very regionally and strictly
  • i will write one line in Hindi then I will translate it for you guys . aisa bola Gaya hai agar koi bhi kuwari kanya agar saawan k har somwaar ko fast rakhegi toh usse uske Mann ka ladhka dulhe k roop me milega. In English it means if any unmarried girl keeps fast on every Monday in the month of saawan she will get her husband of her choice and it is also said if 16 fasts on every Mondays are keep same thing happens with the girl regardless of any month that[ I just told you in Hindi and English]
  • in this month many people go to kedarnath temple their wishes are fulfilled if they are true to their wishes and bhakti it is also said if people go there in this month their motive as a bhakt a true bhakt I will say of lord Shiva gets complete. I will post a photo of our beautiful temple of kedarnath.
this is beautiful temple of kedarnath
  • I call lord Shiva bholenath. the word Bhola in Hindi means innocent. our bholenath is very Bhola[innocent😁😊] I personally call him this word.
  • we are strictly not allowed to say bad language eat non veg have milk products specially eggs garlic and food which comes in non veg category in this month[ by the way i am veg i don’t even like eggs😁😁]
  • warning if lord Shiva gets angry he dances in anger and that dance is called tandav I will show you how angry he looks i have many photos of him which are hanging in my house] first see his tandav photo he can make world go upside-down tufaan aa jata hai unke gusse se [ means every thing gets destroyed either due to floods or due to wind storms I mean by natural causes if he gets very angry]

many people go to kedarnath by foot covering more than 500 kilometers let me show you what shivling looks like

this is the shivling
  • let me tell you one thing he is innocent but he knows everything this is what we are told since childhood
  • there are many mantras of lord Shiva which can cure any fatal or incurable diseases i want to share one of the mantras with you let me show you
  • one is om namah shivaya
  • it is said if you will recite any mantra of the god you are bhakt[devotee] of 101 times your prayers will be answered
this is one of the most powerful mantras of lord Shiva

i hope that i have justified the title of this blog

disclaimer I DONT HAVE ANY INTENTION TO HURT ALL OF YOU’ FEELINGS THAT YOU ALL HAVE TOWARDS YOUR RELIGIONS I RESPECT ALL THE RELIGION. ITS MY WAY TO EXPRESS MY FEELING TOWARDS MY RELIGION. Till then enjoy your lives stay positive and don’t dare to think about any negative things just kidding 😊but remember you all are my family I consider all of you as my family. I will see you in my next time see you😊

Your sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi😊

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College student, writer by passion and pianist by hobby a jolly person.I'm on Instagram as @shimonachaturvedi. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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