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Epilepsy and Life

Hey guys, long time no see. You guys may be wondering what’s there to discuss about this topic it’s not a serious topic. I accept it’s not serious for those who don’t suffer from this problem but it gets serious for those people who suffer from epilepsy like me yes you read that right I m a patient of epilepsy since 2008 when I was in fourth grade. See, I am not making fun of this problem because I know how it feels like to be made fun of.

for those people who don’t know what this problem is all about epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures. A seizure is a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain. I have  Focal, or partial seizures, that affect just one part of the brain. I have this problem since but started having seizures frequently in 2008

Many people think he/she is mentally disabled and people put him/her in an asylum. its a common problem we just have to change our thinking and we have to accept them as human beings . to my epileptic friends who all can do anything look at me I have done yoga course and learning german language I have wasted my 12 years of life by not accepting my problem. you should accept this and can live happily with this problem just like I am living my life.

Epilepsy food and stress

Let’s first talk about what you should eat in your diet. you can eat whatever you like love but take care of not having expired medicine and skipping your medicine to maintain weight do some exercise. let me tell you what happened to me yesterday I had seizures and still, I was working and studying for a government exam don’t be scared after having seizures just tell your friends about your problem. Let’s talk about stress which is one of the main reasons for Epilepsy. As you guys know stress mental tension pressure causes many health problems and Epilepsy is not exceptional. We strictly are not allowed to have stress or skip the medicines be under the supervision of your doctor. we should help people understand that this problem is common and can happen to anyone as a lot of them run away from the patient while he is having seizures instead of helping him/her.

Epilepsy is a fairly common neurological disorder that affects 65 million people around the world. In the United States, it affects about 3 million people.

Anyone can develop epilepsy, but it’s more common in young children and older adults. It occurs slightly more in males than in females.

I have a mild version of this problem .Many famous people who have this problem still are not embarrassed about it and are successful. There is nothing to be ashamed about .it’s just the thing you need to accept and learn how to start living along with Epilepsy happily .

if you guys want to know about any dedicated blog on any health problem I would be very happy to write about it. Please write your comments on this. Share your thoughts and thank you for giving your precious time to read this blog.

Your sincerely Shimona chaturvedi ☺️☺️😊😊

Published by shimonachaturvedi

College student, writer by passion and pianist by hobby a jolly person.I'm on Instagram as @shimonachaturvedi. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “Epilepsy and Life

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. May God bless you always. It’s a bold post and this post inspires millions of others who are feeling awkward to live with this problem. Keep writing.

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  2. “There is nothing to be ashamed about .it’s just the thing you need to accept and learn how to start living along with Epilepsy happily .” . . . great attitude Shimona.
    Be Blessed!

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