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What does it feel like getting rejected all the time

First of all i would like to say sorry to all my bloggers friends for writing a new blog after a very long time.

today I am going to tell you how to cope with the getting the feeling after being rejected we all know that we are not superheroes and will get accepted for everything like getting selected for a job or expecting to get praises all the time for the work we all do at any point of life we have been rejected or scolded by our elders or company’s senior colleagues so today I am going to tell you to cope with the feeling of being rejected

first of all we have to learn one thing that is acceptence of all the thing that is being praised or getting scolded or being expected to perform better in any field

with every rejection, we have to understand that we have to get better in that particular subject whether it’s studying or in professional life. this is how we can become a perfectionist in a particular subject.

Here are the tips for becoming successful person in your life (these are my point of views on becoming successful )

  1. first of all don’t take stress and pressure on yourself it will deteriorate your health.
  2. give yourself a healthy life I am saying this because if you will stay healthy then only you will be able to practice and perform better.
  3. Stop comparing your life with that of others this is what I did and I ended up almost in hospital we don’t know what kind of situations that person has gone through or is going through
  4. we tend to get jealous of everything and everyone because we have everything, whether his level of intelligence or getting anything expensive. It can be a laptop or a new latest phone. It is the expansion of point 3.
  5. first of all we have to relax and keep saying I can do it. it’s you only who can do it
  6. I guarantee that u if you will keep practicing these points and keep this in your mind no matter who you are going to meet he/she can never reject you in any particular subject or field and please don’t be a negative person and never let negative thoughts come in your mind even if they will become you will never able to become a successful ever in your life
  7. so always keep smiling and be happy and face all the challenges with a smile on your face.

I think that's all for today I will see you with another motivational blog I would consider myself lucky if my blogs have inspired one or another way.
Yours sincerely
shimona chaturvedi

Published by shimonachaturvedi

College student, writer by passion and pianist by hobby a jolly person.I'm on Instagram as @shimonachaturvedi. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

38 thoughts on “What does it feel like getting rejected all the time

  1. Wanted to give you a shout out and thank you for liking my blog for New Harmony Line and our composition software, Hyperscore. Shout outs give me an opportunity to go out and see what others are writingโ€“I appreciate your blog posting as a way to support and care for others. If only we would all do that for each other, this world would be a much better place!

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