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Become healthy in just 30 days!!

Yoga and lifestyle!!

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Nowadays due to stress people are becoming the home for diseases! in this era of competition and busy life people dont get time to focus on their health which is a matter of worry! People always seek to gyms aerobics zumba kind of exercises and they work but only for a short while but yoga is the form of exercise which will give you long lasting result. As a yoga professional instructor’s daughter i am always asked to go for yoga ! yoga has endless benefits it helps to keep focused keeps your temper in control keeps you happy at any cost keeps you stay away from depression negativity and negative thoughts and many more. if one can practice yoga regularly just for an hour one will see a difference in his behavior and body in just a month. Yoga is an austerity which cant be achieved in a month or year it takes whole lifetime to understand this subject to its end and in deep.

understanding yoga in just five steps!

A better way to understand the importance of yoga and medication

As one can see and understand from these photos one can become happy, positive and understandings. many people see only one side of everything if they will see flip side or the other side of things which they did not want to earlier. after doing yoga many people have shared their experience one of them says my blood pressure is in control now my sugar is at its normal levels i have started feeling so cheerful positive flexible and i am able to control my mood swings now. sadhguru one of the well known yoga guru says

yoga is not just a exercise system. YOGA is the science of obliterating the boundaries of individuality to know the universality of one’s existence

if you want your body and brain work well the first thing is to become joyful by your own nature

yoga and body

there are countless benefits of yoga some of these are as follows

  • improves your flexibility
  • builds muscle strength
  • perfects your posture
  • prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
  • protects your spine
  • betters your bone health
  • increases the blood flow
  • drains your lymph and boosts your immunity
  • ups your heart rates
  • drops your blood pressure
  • regulates your adrenal glands
  • makes you happy
  • founds a healthy lifestyle
  • lowers blood sugar
  • helps you focus
  • relaxes your system
  • improves your balance
  • maintains your nervous system
  • releases tensions in your limits

yoga and diet

As we all know proper diet is the most essential part of one’s life and it becomes more important when you start doing yoga or any other physical exercise. On an average one should drink at least 2.5 litres of water in a day have fruits at least two times a day have enough protein diet which can include carbohydrates calcium as these are equally important for a healthy person having milk and fruits are as important as inhaling oxygen to survive on this planet. milk prevents you from acidity and protein helps you to build new tissues and repair the old ones and in making enzymes!

And last but not the least yoga helps in anti ageing that means it slows down ageing process and grow beautiful and attractive!

You do not need to do all the exercises just medication and breathing exercises are more than enough sometimes and with this i will end my blog here thank you so much for reading this and giving your valuable time

😊 with regards