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Story of the lonely girl and her 4 friends

Please tell me how was this story and suggest me should I write more stories or continue writing blogs your opinions will be appreciated

Your sincerely shimona Chaturvedi

Procrastination and life

What do you wish you could do more every day?

Hey my blogger friends its been a while since i have written blogs actually i am running out of ideas. So topic for today is Procrastination I am certain that we all are aware of this term and can relate to this word. if you ask me I am the biggest procrastination in my life.

We all know the defination of this word if you are not or if you have forgetten let me remaind you it is the ability to delay tasks or making decisions or if you ask me what do I mean by this word it is the ability of ruining your life slowly. i am not kidding it is true. Here are the tips to overcome this problem.

tips to beat procrastination

  • first of all stop using social media for hours. this is the biggest mistake we all do stop spending hours on facebook instragram or any other social media applications
  • Whenever we think today I will finish this task and we are not able it is because we dont make to do list. To beat this habit we have to plan our day or week in a proper way To do lists play a very crucial role in this case please dont plan many tasks for a single day this is the another reason we prostpone the tasks just by reviewing our list we start thinking i will do this later always try to plan maximum 4 tasks a day.
  • Whenever you are procarstinating just think about your future if you will not do your work which will play important role in becoming successful in life what will people say about you. the most common line is you should have done that work in time you would have become sucessful. Why are you regretting now when everything is over. this tip is for everyone especiallystudents
  • Another factor or the reason is television or ott platforms it can be youtube, netflix or any platflorm whenever we are doing something and we just randomly think lets watch lets take the example Wednesday series or any other series to beat this thought we have to set particular time for watching these series it can be 30 minutes or 1 hour and when the fun time is over we have to stop watching netflix for that day and focus on the work we were doing.
    • There are endless tips that i can give you but i know these four reasons are the most dangerous and important as well

i think that is all for today’s blog there is a request if you can suggest any topics is story a good idea i just want to know your opinions on this i just want to test my skills as a story writer whether i should post it i have that story with me already i asked my friends to review it and they liked it please tell me in the comments whether i should start writing stories with blogs i need your help guys

thank you so much for giving your precious time to read my blogs i will see you with my another blog or story next time

your sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi

I am on instagram as @Shimona Chaturvedi and my site’s name is also there if you are not able to find my profile

What does it feel like getting rejected all the time

First of all i would like to say sorry to all my bloggers friends for writing a new blog after a very long time.

today I am going to tell you how to cope with the getting the feeling after being rejected we all know that we are not superheroes and will get accepted for everything like getting selected for a job or expecting to get praises all the time for the work we all do at any point of life we have been rejected or scolded by our elders or company’s senior colleagues so today I am going to tell you to cope with the feeling of being rejected

first of all we have to learn one thing that is acceptence of all the thing that is being praised or getting scolded or being expected to perform better in any field

with every rejection, we have to understand that we have to get better in that particular subject whether it’s studying or in professional life. this is how we can become a perfectionist in a particular subject.

Here are the tips for becoming successful person in your life (these are my point of views on becoming successful )

  1. first of all don’t take stress and pressure on yourself it will deteriorate your health.
  2. give yourself a healthy life I am saying this because if you will stay healthy then only you will be able to practice and perform better.
  3. Stop comparing your life with that of others this is what I did and I ended up almost in hospital we don’t know what kind of situations that person has gone through or is going through
  4. we tend to get jealous of everything and everyone because we have everything, whether his level of intelligence or getting anything expensive. It can be a laptop or a new latest phone. It is the expansion of point 3.
  5. first of all we have to relax and keep saying I can do it. it’s you only who can do it
  6. I guarantee that u if you will keep practicing these points and keep this in your mind no matter who you are going to meet he/she can never reject you in any particular subject or field and please don’t be a negative person and never let negative thoughts come in your mind even if they will become you will never able to become a successful ever in your life
  7. so always keep smiling and be happy and face all the challenges with a smile on your face.

I think that's all for today I will see you with another motivational blog I would consider myself lucky if my blogs have inspired one or another way.
Yours sincerely
shimona chaturvedi

Epilepsy and Life

Hey guys, long time no see. You guys may be wondering what’s there to discuss about this topic it’s not a serious topic. I accept it’s not serious for those who don’t suffer from this problem but it gets serious for those people who suffer from epilepsy like me yes you read that right I m a patient of epilepsy since 2008 when I was in fourth grade. See, I am not making fun of this problem because I know how it feels like to be made fun of.

for those people who don’t know what this problem is all about epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures. A seizure is a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain. I have  Focal, or partial seizures, that affect just one part of the brain. I have this problem since but started having seizures frequently in 2008

Many people think he/she is mentally disabled and people put him/her in an asylum. its a common problem we just have to change our thinking and we have to accept them as human beings . to my epileptic friends who all can do anything look at me I have done yoga course and learning german language I have wasted my 12 years of life by not accepting my problem. you should accept this and can live happily with this problem just like I am living my life.

Epilepsy food and stress

Let’s first talk about what you should eat in your diet. you can eat whatever you like love but take care of not having expired medicine and skipping your medicine to maintain weight do some exercise. let me tell you what happened to me yesterday I had seizures and still, I was working and studying for a government exam don’t be scared after having seizures just tell your friends about your problem. Let’s talk about stress which is one of the main reasons for Epilepsy. As you guys know stress mental tension pressure causes many health problems and Epilepsy is not exceptional. We strictly are not allowed to have stress or skip the medicines be under the supervision of your doctor. we should help people understand that this problem is common and can happen to anyone as a lot of them run away from the patient while he is having seizures instead of helping him/her.

Epilepsy is a fairly common neurological disorder that affects 65 million people around the world. In the United States, it affects about 3 million people.

Anyone can develop epilepsy, but it’s more common in young children and older adults. It occurs slightly more in males than in females.

I have a mild version of this problem .Many famous people who have this problem still are not embarrassed about it and are successful. There is nothing to be ashamed about .it’s just the thing you need to accept and learn how to start living along with Epilepsy happily .

if you guys want to know about any dedicated blog on any health problem I would be very happy to write about it. Please write your comments on this. Share your thoughts and thank you for giving your precious time to read this blog.

Your sincerely Shimona chaturvedi ☺️☺️😊😊

Wishing my bloggers friends a very Happy Diwali!🙏🙏🤗🤗🪔🪔

May this festival of bright lights bring  a lots of happiness good health and lots of wealth may god bless us including me a bright future and let all of us like the Sun and the Moon [because The MOON also shines in the dark sky. May this Diwali vanish away all our sorrows and become the blessing to all of us by having covid 19 free world May god bless you with lots of good amount of wealth good health and lots of love.🤗🤗
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Happy Diwali to all of you


Shimona Chaturvedi 🙏🙏🤗🤗☺️😊

I wish all of my bloggers friends a month of saawan 😊

hey every one i am back with a blog which is very close to me i know almost all of you must be confused about the title and what does saawan means. but i will explain why am i wishing you the month of saawan. as you guys have an idea i hope by my name i am a hindu girl and this month is very specially and pure for devotes of lord Shiva like me if you guys dont know how does lord Shiva looks like i will post a photo of him below

he iS lord Shiva

this month has started from today and the date is 24th July and it will end on 22th august on the festival of Raksha Bandhan and i will tell about Raksha Bandhan sometime later. let me tell you what is the importance of this month first of all you must know whosoever is Indian or have the knowledge of Hindu calendar we have a separate Hindu calendar its the fifth month of this calendar in which this month falls in . now I can tell you the importance of this month

  • it is said if someone wishes for something but not selfishly shiv ji will answer his prayers but you have to be pure while wishing your prayers [ji is the Hindi word used to give respect especially to the gods]
  • Monday is his day regardless of the month what ever month is going on. On Monday he is worshipped very regionally and strictly
  • i will write one line in Hindi then I will translate it for you guys . aisa bola Gaya hai agar koi bhi kuwari kanya agar saawan k har somwaar ko fast rakhegi toh usse uske Mann ka ladhka dulhe k roop me milega. In English it means if any unmarried girl keeps fast on every Monday in the month of saawan she will get her husband of her choice and it is also said if 16 fasts on every Mondays are keep same thing happens with the girl regardless of any month that[ I just told you in Hindi and English]
  • in this month many people go to kedarnath temple their wishes are fulfilled if they are true to their wishes and bhakti it is also said if people go there in this month their motive as a bhakt a true bhakt I will say of lord Shiva gets complete. I will post a photo of our beautiful temple of kedarnath.
this is beautiful temple of kedarnath
  • I call lord Shiva bholenath. the word Bhola in Hindi means innocent. our bholenath is very Bhola[innocent😁😊] I personally call him this word.
  • we are strictly not allowed to say bad language eat non veg have milk products specially eggs garlic and food which comes in non veg category in this month[ by the way i am veg i don’t even like eggs😁😁]
  • warning if lord Shiva gets angry he dances in anger and that dance is called tandav I will show you how angry he looks i have many photos of him which are hanging in my house] first see his tandav photo he can make world go upside-down tufaan aa jata hai unke gusse se [ means every thing gets destroyed either due to floods or due to wind storms I mean by natural causes if he gets very angry]

many people go to kedarnath by foot covering more than 500 kilometers let me show you what shivling looks like

this is the shivling
  • let me tell you one thing he is innocent but he knows everything this is what we are told since childhood
  • there are many mantras of lord Shiva which can cure any fatal or incurable diseases i want to share one of the mantras with you let me show you
  • one is om namah shivaya
  • it is said if you will recite any mantra of the god you are bhakt[devotee] of 101 times your prayers will be answered
this is one of the most powerful mantras of lord Shiva

i hope that i have justified the title of this blog

disclaimer I DONT HAVE ANY INTENTION TO HURT ALL OF YOU’ FEELINGS THAT YOU ALL HAVE TOWARDS YOUR RELIGIONS I RESPECT ALL THE RELIGION. ITS MY WAY TO EXPRESS MY FEELING TOWARDS MY RELIGION. Till then enjoy your lives stay positive and don’t dare to think about any negative things just kidding 😊but remember you all are my family I consider all of you as my family. I will see you in my next time see you😊

Your sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi😊

happy Holi to all my lovely bloggers friends😊😊😊😊

may this festival of colors fulfill your all the wishes may god bless you with bright and colorful future and let you shine like the sun and fill your life with happiness may this Holi vanish away all your sorrows especially this virus which is killing thousands of people all over the world in a single day. may go bless you with lots of happiness , love , good health and lots of wealth . may this festival become the blessing to all of us by vanishing covid 19 from everywhere this year.

happy Holi 😊😊 to all


Shimona Chaturvedi

Passion, focus and life!

hey guys, how are you all hope everyone is doing good.😊 I am back after a very long time. its just I needed a break. but now I am back so lets talk about passion, focus and life

as we all know that every person on earth has dreams which sometimes he achieves he does not or he cant it happens to all of us but at the different time of our life!

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we all change our dreams as we grow but there should be one particular topic or passion that should stay in our top most priority list. sometimes we realize it at a very early age sometimes it can take as long as 10 years this is my personal experience it took me ten whole years to realize that I can be a blogger one day. But dreaming of something is something else but making it a passion is another and more important thing. when we achieve our dream we instantly realize that it was our passion and that is why we worked so hard to achieve that particular thing. its not easy for anyone not even for celebrities’ to achieve those things which they want to without hard work.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

we just need to focus on that particular thing which we have dreamed of achieving it.

there are many ways of getting inspired and focus on the subjects topics or anything we want to do

  • take inspiration from people working successfully around you and get to know about their struggling stories behind their success .
  • focus on those things which you love and you will find yourself developing passion towards those things, subjects or anything you look up to.
  • always remember to like love focus and develop passion mainly focus on music first because it helps you get inspired by singers because their hard work cant be matched with someone else’
  • to stay focused always stay positive keep getting inspired by everyone do whatever you want to do which can make you stay focused.
  • stay away from stressful negative environment as much as possible
  • make sure to stay healthy eat balanced diet and practice yoga for at least 30 minutes a day if you do practice do meditation as much as possible as it helps you stay positive especially focused.
  • always trust yourself never say anything negative about yourself never give up and always remember there will be people around who will envy of your success
  • they will always demotivate you but always stay motivated. even if its very small thing or a young person than you gives you motivation take it with wearing a smile on your face even kids can give you inspiration.
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Photo by Gabby K on
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trust me guys, if you have passion about anything and you have focus you can achieve it

passion focus and hard work are the secrets of every successful person on this planet.

stay focused, positive and trust yourself and you will pass the mission of becoming singer or anything you want to.

Since its my second anniversary with WordPress I thought why not motivate other my blogger friends and this blog is motivating for me as well so that’s it for today. 😊😊😊😉😊

see you with another motivating blogs 😊😊!


Shimona Chaturvedi

How to stay positive during winter season

As winters are approaching so I thought to write something on this only. we all know as a fact that winter season is beautiful season but also comes with sadness and negativity, as a matter of fact people especially in extremely cold countries suffer from depression and seasonal affective disorder which is basically a type of depression. They get cut off from their friends and family. Many people say whenever they get struck in their home they start to feel lonely and depressed.

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In fact people start to get anxiety attacks and panic ones as well. people try all the means to get out of depression and anxiety. The more they live alone in their homes the more introverted they get .Even in some countries like Russia and Canada winters and snow get on their peak roads get blocked due to the snowfall which sometimes measured as high as 3 feet. the temperature of these countries get as low as -30 degrees Celsius[ according to India’s temperate scale. it becomes normal for people to start feeling low. but they say na there is a solution to every problem.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

there are many times when we can help those people who really need counselling not only in studies but in many other aspects of life. if we can help dont hesitate to . because at one point of our life we will need help as well😊.

positivity and winters

as we all know guys we get happy only when we start doing those things which we like or love there are some tips and activities that can or will help you stay positive my friends.

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  • start doing yoga and medication as I always say guys yoga is a magical form of art it gives you motivation to stay happy even in difficult situations and winter season and it it is the biggest remedy to get rid of any problems especially mental health issues.
  • start living with your family sometimes we get happiness from our family members that we usually try to find in our friends circle. Share everything with them as it will help your heart stay normal as compared to heavy. be expressive don’t suppress your feeling as you will not be able to suppress them anymore and explode on your family one day. it can hurt your family’s feelings as well.
  • start getting inspiration from people around you sometimes getting inspiration from people around you can make you happy. even the smallest gestures of people who thank god for having everything in their lives can also make you thankful to for having everything in your life as wEll
  • read motivational books: reading books is one of the biggest remedy for your brain as it enhance the creativity level of your brain you learn new things sometimes reading a book can motivate you enough to start helping others

we don’t need reasons to stay happy we can handle ourselves even in winters as winters are usually depressing. I don’t believe it is. I personally get inspired even from a child who works in very cold days this is called determination of doing hard work no matter what season it is. I always thank those people who come to work regularly and help us in every possible way. observation yoga and getting inspired are the keys to stay positive especially in winters and with this i would to finish my blog.

thank you so much sparing precious time to read my blogs. stay positive and help those people who want your help. even a small kind gesture can change someone’s thinking and sometimes lives’ as well. I will meet you in another blog and with interesting topic till then stay healthy and safe

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yours sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi 😊😊🤗🤗

side effects of social media mental health and exposer to liquor

In the era of 21th century technology and social media are taking off very easily and quickly. Almost every person in this world depends on technology and heavy usage of social media. But there is a saying every thing in this world has positive as well as negative impacts on people especially children of teenage. they are exposed to those things which are not for their age group. It has been observed that 80% of young adults are addicted to liquor and smoking. Social media play a very bad role in exposing children to these bad habits.

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clubs parties drinking and smoking are the reasons why people especially children have forgotten their traditional values of their culture festivals and values given by teachers in schools which is a sad fact observed in every country especially India.

technology and society

technology is the most important part of one’s life. In fact scientists and doctors are doing research on a very important topic of present date that is covid19 or as we call it corona virus. But there is a saying there are two sides of everything. On the flip side there are many CEOs and founders who have made social networking sites which enable everyone to access to anything what they like . This is the one of main and common reasons why people especially young audience are exposed to those topics and things which are not supposed to be taught to children in their teenage. as teenage is that age group of one’s life which determines what kind of a person he is going to be like.

social media and mental health

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social media becomes more dangerous when it comes to mental health. As one is so involved in technology and social networking sites which can make one mentally sick and addicted to check their status on their social media. young people get easily influenced by anything which is shown in anywhere in the sites which they are not supposed to be taught and get exposed by them. Due to excess of usage of technology and social networking sites in negative ways people suffer from extreme anxiety, stress, restlessness and depression . it is often observed that people who are addicted to social media gaming and technology lack social interaction and become distant from friends family and social society . people usually complain about their fear of missing out, trust issues isolation and extreme depression and anxiety.

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how to limit the time of the usage of social media

  • use an application to track how much time you spend on social media
  • turn off the phone at the certain times of a day
  • don’t bring the phone to bed and table
  • disable social media notifications
  • limit checks
  • try removing social media apps from the phone

how to overcome the addiction of social media and the usage

  • spend time with offline friends who you can talk to freely.
  • set aside time each week to interact with family and friends.
  • if feeling neglected from face to face relations reach out to an old friend.
  • join club develop a hobby
  • don’t let the social awkwardness stand in the way
  • interact with strangers

stay positive

Without social media one can find his own passion and talent and can pursue it . staying happy is not a big deal without social mind our mind becomes very creative we start learning many things and searching many things to improve ourselves. Use internet to learn something productive as it can help you strengthen your personality confidence and stay down to earth despite of becoming a very successful person.😊🙂🤗

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And lastly technology and social media networking sites should be used for productive, positive, helpful things and to have updated knowledge on the topics one wants to know about.

Thank you for spending your precious time for reading this blog I will see you with a new blog and with a new topic 😊🤗

Your sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi😊🤗