How to stay positive during winter season

As winters are approaching so I thought to write something on this only. we all know as a fact that winter season is beautiful season but also comes with sadness and negativity, as a matter of fact people especially in extremely cold countries suffer from depression and seasonal affective disorder which is basically a type of depression. They get cut off from their friends and family. Many people say whenever they get struck in their home they start to feel lonely and depressed.

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In fact people start to get anxiety attacks and panic ones as well. people try all the means to get out of depression and anxiety. The more they live alone in their homes the more introverted they get .Even in some countries like Russia and Canada winters and snow get on their peak roads get blocked due to the snowfall which sometimes measured as high as 3 feet. the temperature of these countries get as low as -30 degrees Celsius[ according to India’s temperate scale. it becomes normal for people to start feeling low. but they say na there is a solution to every problem.

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there are many times when we can help those people who really need counselling not only in studies but in many other aspects of life. if we can help dont hesitate to . because at one point of our life we will need help as well๐Ÿ˜Š.

positivity and winters

as we all know guys we get happy only when we start doing those things which we like or love there are some tips and activities that can or will help you stay positive my friends.

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  • start doing yoga and medication as I always say guys yoga is a magical form of art it gives you motivation to stay happy even in difficult situations and winter season and it it is the biggest remedy to get rid of any problems especially mental health issues.
  • start living with your family sometimes we get happiness from our family members that we usually try to find in our friends circle. Share everything with them as it will help your heart stay normal as compared to heavy. be expressive don’t suppress your feeling as you will not be able to suppress them anymore and explode on your family one day. it can hurt your family’s feelings as well.
  • start getting inspiration from people around you sometimes getting inspiration from people around you can make you happy. even the smallest gestures of people who thank god for having everything in their lives can also make you thankful to for having everything in your life as wEll
  • read motivational books: reading books is one of the biggest remedy for your brain as it enhance the creativity level of your brain you learn new things sometimes reading a book can motivate you enough to start helping others

we don’t need reasons to stay happy we can handle ourselves even in winters as winters are usually depressing. I don’t believe it is. I personally get inspired even from a child who works in very cold days this is called determination of doing hard work no matter what season it is. I always thank those people who come to work regularly and help us in every possible way. observation yoga and getting inspired are the keys to stay positive especially in winters and with this i would to finish my blog.

thank you so much sparing precious time to read my blogs. stay positive and help those people who want your help. even a small kind gesture can change someone’s thinking and sometimes lives’ as well. I will meet you in another blog and with interesting topic till then stay healthy and safe

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yours sincerely

Shimona Chaturvedi ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

side effects of social media mental health and exposer to liquor

In the era of 21th century technology and social media are taking off very easily and quickly. Almost every person in this world depends on technology and heavy usage of social media. But there is a saying every thing in this world has positive as well as negative impacts on people especially children of teenage. they are exposed to those things which are not for their age group. It has been observed that 80% of young adults are addicted to liquor and smoking. Social media play a very bad role in exposing children to these bad habits.

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clubs parties drinking and smoking are the reasons why people especially children have forgotten their traditional values of their culture festivals and values given by teachers in schools which is a sad fact observed in every country especially India.

technology and society

technology is the most important part of one’s life. In fact scientists and doctors are doing research on a very important topic of present date that is covid19 or as we call it corona virus. But there is a saying there are two sides of everything. On the flip side there are many CEOs and founders who have made social networking sites which enable everyone to access to anything what they like . This is the one of main and common reasons why people especially young audience are exposed to those topics and things which are not supposed to be taught to children in their teenage. as teenage is that age group of one’s life which determines what kind of a person he is going to be like.

social media and mental health

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social media becomes more dangerous when it comes to mental health. As one is so involved in technology and social networking sites which can make one mentally sick and addicted to check their status on their social media. young people get easily influenced by anything which is shown in anywhere in the sites which they are not supposed to be taught and get exposed by them. Due to excess of usage of technology and social networking sites in negative ways people suffer from extreme anxiety, stress, restlessness and depression . it is often observed that people who are addicted to social media gaming and technology lack social interaction and become distant from friends family and social society . people usually complain about their fear of missing out, trust issues isolation and extreme depression and anxiety.

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how to limit the time of the usage of social media

  • use an application to track how much time you spend on social media
  • turn off the phone at the certain times of a day
  • don’t bring the phone to bed and table
  • disable social media notifications
  • limit checks
  • try removing social media apps from the phone

how to overcome the addiction of social media and the usage

  • spend time with offline friends who you can talk to freely.
  • set aside time each week to interact with family and friends.
  • if feeling neglected from face to face relations reach out to an old friend.
  • join club develop a hobby
  • don’t let the social awkwardness stand in the way
  • interact with strangers

stay positive

Without social media one can find his own passion and talent and can pursue it . staying happy is not a big deal without social mind our mind becomes very creative we start learning many things and searching many things to improve ourselves. Use internet to learn something productive as it can help you strengthen your personality confidence and stay down to earth despite of becoming a very successful person.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿค—

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And lastly technology and social media networking sites should be used for productive, positive, helpful things and to have updated knowledge on the topics one wants to know about.

Thank you for spending your precious time for reading this blog I will see you with a new blog and with a new topic ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—

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People nowadays due to high level of stress and unstable lifestyle are facing mental health issues. they hesitate to share their problems with others as they are scared from being judged. among these mental health issues depression and bipolar disorder are two of of the most common issues observed by doctors all over the world. Few reasons for going into depression are 1] loss of the dearest one 2]criticism by the society3]pressure given by anyone to become a successful person 4] extremely high level of stress and frustration 5] being a psychologically weak and there are endless reasons for going into depression and bipolar disorder

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people from all over the world are dying from suicide every hour due to depression and other mental health disorders. there are many non government organizations which are spreading awareness about mental health issues and its cures . every one should be strong enough to handle any kind of situation. these issues can be handled with a smile on one’s face.


ONE SHOULD SEE A DOCTOR IF HE FEEL LIKE HE IS FACING ANY KIND OF MENTAL HEALTH DISCORDERS AS SOON AS POSSISBLE .there is nothing to shame and discuss about your health status and issues with anyone. be frank with those people who you can trust and share every thing with your family especially your health and stress levels. doctors are not only for famous or very normal people. they are for the whole people of one’ country

mental health and positivity

it is a fact when one can go through any kind of mental issues and it is next to impossible to stay positive and happy during this kind of situation but they are many solutions to these issues

1] the most important solution is to see and a doctor and follow his advise and time of medication

2] do those things which keep you happy

3] start writing your thoughts in your diary

4] do yoga for 30 minutes.

5] spend your time with your family and friends

6] your health can affect your family and friends and keep smiling no matter what happens.

stay positive and happy start travelling as much as possible. find happiness in small things.

My own personal experience and how I recovered

I individually have gone through depression and bipolar disorder. it was in November 2019 when I was first diagnosed with depression and then after three months in February 2020 with bipolar disorder. I used to feel so depressed low and alone despite having my family by my side all the time. all this time I didn’t even know about my own health issues when I got to know I started making friends doing those things which made me happy and started pampering myself and taking care of myself the most I started writing about the nature and evenings in my own words. I handled myself and didn’t make my mind think about any negative thoughts. when i told my mom about this, she was thrilled to know about how I had handled myself and without doing anything stupid came out of it in September 2020.

yoga and mental stability of mind!

yoga is the most important and useful topic to practice especially you are feeling restless tensed and stressed. there are many examples who have practiced yoga during the hardest time of their life and in good times as well. yoga can take one out from any problem one is going through. that’s why it is said yoga is the most important to stay healthy and easiest way to stay positive.


thank you so much for giving your precious time to read this blog๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š i will see you with another topic and other blog

Your sincerely Shimona Chaturvedi


covid 19

As we all know we are fighting from corona virus popularly known as covid 19 from a long while now most of the countries of the world have been affected by it real bad. In countries like USA ITALY and many others nations number of deaths are increasing day by day. In USA according to the latest graph 60299 deaths have been recorded by 15th may 2020. India is no different number of deaths have increased to 2752 according to local sources.A(no of deaths may vary)

tips to defeat this virus

AS the whole world is locked in their homes and the people are worried about their loved ones’ health mental as well as physical. As we all are aware that staying at home for a long period of time can affect one’s mental health.

To avoid getting affected mentally and physically we just have to follow few steps


staying positive all the time is not a easy task but not impossible as well! People finds ways to motivate themselves in their gadgets laptops, phones and tabs. they listen to motivational videos on youtube try to stay positive only for a single day. the real motivation comes from reading books observing people who are working in this dangerous situation when this virus has been spread in every part of every country in the world.

2 engaging yourself in various activities

99% of the world population in their free time use their gadgets instead spending time with their families and engaging themselves in their favorite activities or their hobbies. i has been observed in the time of lockdown people are getting into depression or leaving their families but that’s not the solution we all have to do anything productive which can sharpen our skills and refresh our minds . consider this as a break which has been given by god to improve our skills whether its a teacher doctor government official or a student. being engaged in activities can reduce irritation and vanishaway depression

3 yoga

yoga is the most important and one of the key to defend any disease. During this lockdown period yoga is the only mean and key which can help you stay happy fit and healthy mentally as ell as physically. Give time to your health also doing yoga only for 30 minutes on regular basis one can see a difference in their attitude behaviour and on their overall personality. breathing exercises can improve your whole body system and preventing from ageing quickly .yoga reduces depression and make way for positive thoughts go in your brain

4 diet

ALONG with yoga diet is key to defend any disease. A proper diet can keep away any virus from our body. as it is said AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS A DOCTOR AWAY!! having fruits at least two times a day can keep you healthy instead having packed or junk food. A ideal meal should include right amount of proteins carbohydrates calcium . One must have calcium in the form of milk products dryfruits to sharpen our brain and memories protein in the form of pulses cereals in the form of carbohydrates consume at least 3 litres of water in a day. keep having anything healthy in every two hours to prevent acidity and headaches .


And with this i will end my blog here! thank yo for giving your precious time for reading this blog

With regards


Become healthy in just 30 days!!

Yoga and lifestyle!!

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Nowadays due to stress people are becoming the home for diseases! in this era of competition and busy life people dont get time to focus on their health which is a matter of worry! People always seek to gyms aerobics zumba kind of exercises and they work but only for a short while but yoga is the form of exercise which will give you long lasting result. As a yoga professional instructor’s daughter i am always asked to go for yoga ! yoga has endless benefits it helps to keep focused keeps your temper in control keeps you happy at any cost keeps you stay away from depression negativity and negative thoughts and many more. if one can practice yoga regularly just for an hour one will see a difference in his behavior and body in just a month. Yoga is an austerity which cant be achieved in a month or year it takes whole lifetime to understand this subject to its end and in deep.

understanding yoga in just five steps!

A better way to understand the importance of yoga and medication

As one can see and understand from these photos one can become happy, positive and understandings. many people see only one side of everything if they will see flip side or the other side of things which they did not want to earlier. after doing yoga many people have shared their experience one of them says my blood pressure is in control now my sugar is at its normal levels i have started feeling so cheerful positive flexible and i am able to control my mood swings now. sadhguru one of the well known yoga guru says

yoga is not just a exercise system. YOGA is the science of obliterating the boundaries of individuality to know the universality of one’s existence

if you want your body and brain work well the first thing is to become joyful by your own nature

yoga and body

there are countless benefits of yoga some of these are as follows

  • improves your flexibility
  • builds muscle strength
  • perfects your posture
  • prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
  • protects your spine
  • betters your bone health
  • increases the blood flow
  • drains your lymph and boosts your immunity
  • ups your heart rates
  • drops your blood pressure
  • regulates your adrenal glands
  • makes you happy
  • founds a healthy lifestyle
  • lowers blood sugar
  • helps you focus
  • relaxes your system
  • improves your balance
  • maintains your nervous system
  • releases tensions in your limits

yoga and diet

As we all know proper diet is the most essential part of one’s life and it becomes more important when you start doing yoga or any other physical exercise. On an average one should drink at least 2.5 litres of water in a day have fruits at least two times a day have enough protein diet which can include carbohydrates calcium as these are equally important for a healthy person having milk and fruits are as important as inhaling oxygen to survive on this planet. milk prevents you from acidity and protein helps you to build new tissues and repair the old ones and in making enzymes!

And last but not the least yoga helps in anti ageing that means it slows down ageing process and grow beautiful and attractive!

You do not need to do all the exercises just medication and breathing exercises are more than enough sometimes and with this i will end my blog here thank you so much for reading this and giving your valuable time

๐Ÿ˜Š with regards


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